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You have arrived at WINDBLADE'S SNES GAMING MUSIC HOMEPAGE, which is home to... Snes Gaming Music. I have Snes and ONLY Snes Music. Now, the music contained on this page is special for two (2) reasons:
1.) The music is "ripped" straight from the SNES ROM of the game to which the music belongs.
2.) Using the Winamp plug-in, you're able to make the length of the music WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE!!!
Trust me on this one. Under the Winamp playlist, just click "file info" and type in the length you want. It's that easy!!!
However, the music files are in a special .SPC format. Further down, I have something(s) that'll allow you to be able to play them, if you can't already...

The place where you can find all the .SPCs I have.
Where to go to get the players/plugins to listen to the music.
Check here for updates. I may have what you requested!
Click here to ask me to get a song for you.
Further instructions inside the page.